Jan-Hendrik Fouché :
I recommend Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates to anyone who’s ready to take that next step towards your dream. Finding that "close to perfect"-job, is never easy, never mind meeting the right people at the right time. Well, that's what I thought.

On 8 June 2016, my life changed after a phone call from Adele Cilliers during which she insisted that I apply for a position at an International company based in SA. I could never have imagined myself applying for a position with the requirements of 10 years’ experience, seeing that I’m only 26 years old. She assisted me with everything and advised me on how to improve my CV. After that, she kept me up to date with the process on a daily basis and phoned me after every single one of my interviews at HUB Parking Technology.

It's October 2016, I’m 26 years old and I can confirm that I now sit at my "perfect"-job and found the people who gave me “that chance” to change my life, all thanks to Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates. Even to date, Adele contacts me to acquire whether I'm still satisfied with my decision.

Thank you for everything Adele, I will never forget this.
Kind Regards
Jan-Hendrik Fouché
National Sales Manager
HUB Parking Technology

Ed Young:
I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates. We have had a working relationship for approximately 6 months now.
I was with a top Pharmaceutical company working in the capacity of General Manager.
Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates reached out to me to see how they could assist me. The initial call was all it took for me to want to work with them. That decision really paid off for our company. Adele is a bright Account Executive who quickly partnered with my Team to fill challenging positions. They convinced me to allow them to come on site to see the operation so they could match my needs efficiently.
I have found Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates to always go the extra mile to find the best talent for their clients. They listen, learn, and understand their clients' needs, culture, and match the people to the company. They thoroughly screen and interview their candidates, and only submit candidates seeking a career move, as opposed to landing a job.
Adele is very selective of the candidates she presents to their clients. They have a very strong work ethic and work to "cross the finish line" for both their clients and the candidates.

Adele promises she is always available, and I have found that to be the case. Either early morning calls at 7 AM, late evening calls at 7 PM or even on Saturdays. They have even given their cell numbers to me in the event I need to ask them a question outside the 65+ hours they spend in the office.

Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates offers me excellent service. They have been a pleasure to work with.
Ed Young
Global Centre of Health Excellence

Millicent A Kachienga:
I recommend Adele Cilliers of Talent Acquisition by Cilliers & Associates, who is a proficient, determined and knowledgeable recruiter with the skills and capability to secure quality placement services. Adele is always a pleasure to communicate with and I am confident with her level of in-depth understanding of the recruitment industry both at a personal level and as a member of a team responsible for recruitment within a company She makes it her business to understand the type of candidate, skill set required and personality that is well suited to specifics of the role as well as the employer/company. Her personal input and attention to detail is exceptional and I would highly recommend her recruitment services to candidates and companies. -Millicent A Kachienga Senior Research Professional

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